School and Work Life

My life has been full the last few days since my last post.

School life: Spring semester is officially over. I just submitted my pathophysiology  final and I have a nice little break before summer semester begins. My plan at the moment is to take two classes during the summer and take three classes in the fall. Hopefully I will be able to graduate with my BSN this December. It may be a little tricky with our family planning endeavors, but I am going to try my best to graduate this year.

Work life: Work has been very stressful for me the last few shifts. This weekend especially, was probably the most atrocious weekend in my career thus far. Maybe it is a little harsh to say as nobody has died under my watch, but there are a lot of changes being implemented in my work place that are making things difficult. Am I hopeful that things will get better? Always. Until then, I recently purchased additional liability insurance to protect my license I worked so hard for.