Thoughts of the Moment

My hysteroscopy/mock transfer appointment is this upcoming Monday. I am not looking forward to having a camera in my uterus, but after our appointment, I think we will have enough data needed to complete the pre-IVF report.

I believe we will also be meeting with the IVF nurse to discuss our plan of action for this summer. After my first initial appointment, I was able to lose half the weight my doctor recommended.  I was really proud of myself, however, my weight has been fluctuating so much lately, I am starting to feel discouraged. I could do a better job monitoring the type of food I am eating, but I also have other variables that are making things a little bit more challenging;

  1. Hypothyroidism makes me feel bloated and sluggish. I need another two weeks until my body will feel the effects of the synthroid.
  2. I was put on birth control specifically the mock transfer next monday. Now, we all know the side effects that come with birth control. NO BUENO.

Now, somethings I could improve on my own include; no alcohol, no pop and less carbs. I am not willing to give up coffee, but I am willing to monitor the amount of cream and sugar I like to indulge. I could do much better but at least I am trying.

I am starting to feel a little excited for our IVF journey, but it is incredible how my mind goes above and beyond to protect my feelings and my heart. I am too cautious because I know better, but gosh, I hope this is all worth it in the end.