Life is FULL

So, I decided to take two summer classes (Health Promotion and Nurse Leadership) and my semester will be done end of this month. Both classes are busy, both classes are time consuming and then adding working full time and other personal things like our families and family planning, blah blah blah, my life has been full to say the least.
I have been working on homework non stop the last few days. This morning, as I was getting ready for the day, I asked Steve if he was willing to do me a favor. I wanted him to be my scribe while I recite my ideas for a discussion post about cultural competency. With no complaints, my guy was eager to help me with my efforts in multitasking. I was straightening my hair while carefully interpreting my thoughts into meaningful sentences while he documented them for me, word by word.
That’s love right there. The willingness to dive right in, no matter the task, but putting forth the effort to be supportive in a way that proves, “hey, I am here and I am here for you”.
I have that.
He gives that to me.

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