PreIVF Report

We have decided to obtain a PreIVF report that analyzes our health data and develops an IVF prediction model that will determine how many cycles of IVF we will most likely need. I told Steve that I do not want to make any decisions without it, as it is pointless to hypothetically assume which route we want to pursue if we do not know our odds. Do we want to do a refund program? What about the multi-cycle program? I have no idea, but until I know the numbers, I am not interested in making any plans.

I mentioned recently that I am not a planner. Planning, to me, makes me feel like I am suffocating. I do not write to do lists and I write in my calendar only as a reminder of pertinent things I have done during the day, after the fact of course. Planning, interferes with my spontaneous spirit that thrives on adventure. I can go on, but planning is for the birds.

Despite my disdain for planning, it seems like we have no choice in the matter. Perhaps this is the perfect opportunity to appreciate time in a different sense than I am use to.



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