Pelvic Ultrasound & Sonohysterogram

Today, I had an appointment for a pelvic ultrasound and sonohysterogram. While I have not been looking forward to this day, I admit that I was eager to have one more thing checked off our “to do list”.

Upon my arrival to the clinic, I was asked to pee in a cup. Fine, piece of cake. I knew that this task would be the least invasive thing I had to worry about. Afterwards, the medical assistant obtained my vital signs and then instructed me to go into the ultrasound room and undress from the waist down.

The first test that was performed was the pelvic ultrasound. I have had one before so I knew what to expect, although, it does not make it any easier knowing that a wand, one that is not magical by any means, be inserted to navigate the treacherous conditions of my beloved uterus via sound waves.

After the pelvic ultrasound, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. M. She is an OB/GYN that works for the fertility clinic. She gave me results of my blood work and said that my pelvic ultrasound looked great. We then discussed Steve’s recent semen analysis. While there has been some improvement, the semen volume and morphology are still low. Apparently, his sperm count is fantastic, but due to low semen volume, there is not enough room for the sperm to swim, therefore, they are destroying one another. I asked Dr. M for her professional opinion if IVF would be more beneficial than IUI and she said yes, we should proceed with IVF. Knowing that I still had the sonohysterogram to look forward to, I told Dr. M that I was cautious with expressing any hopes with pursing any option as I wanted to make sure that everything was okay with my anatomy.

Thus, leads to the final exam; the sonohysterogram. After my less than pleasant experience I had with the  hysterosalpingogram (HSG) test last year, I was a little apprehensive for this one. Also, to my surprise, Dr. M was not performing this exam. I was fortunate enough to have the OB/GYN resident do it. Yes, I am being sarcastic, but for the sake of learning, she needs the experience to be the best physician she can be. First, a speculum was inserted and after a few quick and painful jabs to my cervix, the resident informed me that she was going to use another type of speculum as my “cervix was high”, whatever that means. After the speculum was in place, she swabbed my cervix with iodine. She then inserted a catheter into my uterus and that is when the cramping started. Holy hell was it uncomfortable. She then injected a saline solution through the catheter, removed the speculum and then the not so magical wand was inserted again to check for any abnormalities. Thankfully, both fallopian tubes were patent and my uterus looked just fine. The wand and catheter was removed and the exam was over.

I have to say, it was extremely painful for me. My period cramps have always been painful, but this was far worse. It was also weird that I could feel AND hear the saline being injected into my uterus. All the while I was taking the deep breaths, avoiding any tears, I was the resident’s cheerleader, ensuring her she was doing a great job because that is the kind of person I am.

One may think that this was an adventure that lasted most of the day, but I was at the office for about an hour. I am so thankful my mother and sister were able to come with me as they were able to keep me preoccupied before and after my appointment.

Until next time.




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