Poetry, Prose and The Universe

I wrote this after having an incredible experience at Barnes and Noble last month. It was a great opportunity to share my writing and my love for interventions from the unknown.

March 2, 2017

This afternoon, while driving to Barnes and Noble, I once again found myself thinking about if I could ever find the strength and courage to recite my poetry in front of a group of people. This has been weighing heavily on my mind lately and is just one of the many thoughts I think about on a daily basis. Honestly, I am not shy by any means, but I am quiet, reserved and only like to share parts of me with people that I trust. I contemplate this issue that has been plaguing my mind the last few weeks and I park my car. Once I am inside Barnes and Noble, I walked towards the poetry section where I found an older gentleman browsing through a book while I naturally look for Charles Bukowski’s poetry and prose.

A few moments pass by when the gentleman sparks a conversation with me,

“Do you like poetry?”

I smile and say, “I do”.

He then asks, “Do you write poetry?”

With confidence and pride I say, “I do”.

“Well, if I recite a poem of mine, I would like you to recite one of your poems to me”.

At this moment I am turning red and trying to articulate my words as I was taken aback by his request.

“You want me to recite one of my poems? I do not know any by heart. Actually, this is not true, I do know a few by heart, but I do not know if I can do this.”

He says to me, “Sure you can, I will recite one and then you can do the same”.

I then say, “Listen, I would be happy to hear your poem, but I want to apologize in advance that I may not be able to fulfill my part of the bargain”.

He then says, “Okay, I am going to recite a poem for you. It is called ‘Dreams’”.

He recites his poem and my body is feeling numb by this out of this world encounter. Little does he know, the word “dream” is a word that is a common theme in my life and holds great meaning. When he is done, I thank him for taking the time to share his poem for me and apologize for my lack of confidence. I then tell him that I am a firm believer of being at the right place at the right time and he laughs, puts his hand on my left shoulder and he said, “So do I, God bless you young lady”. He walks away from me and I am in awe. It was not even 10 minutes ago that I was asking myself if I would ever have the courage to share my writing/poetry with anyone and then to meet this person was mesmerizing. Sure, I let fear get the best of me, but this was not a chance encounter.

A few moments pass by and I have this feeling of urgency come over me that I need to find this person. I tell myself, “God, if this is a sign of the universe that is to hold great meaning in my life, this man needs to say the word ‘angel’”.

I walk by the puzzle books and I find him standing there. We exchange names, talk about our careers and then I tell him about how I had a conversation with myself about having the courage to share my poetry with the masses. He then says, “We are just two people, browsing books at this fine place, reading poetry to fulfill our sensitive nature. Do you think this is by chance? I do not think so. I hope this meeting was fulfilling for you as it was for me. If I may, I have one last thing to tell you”.

We are facing each other again and our eyes lock. At this point I am crying because I am a very spiritual person, a spiritual person that is open to wisdom, kindness and life lessons from people I encounter in this life.

He then says, “Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, ‘Grow, grow.’”

He said the word angel

Thank you, universe.



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