Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

It has been one week since our visit with Dr. G. Today, we had an appointment to drop off a semen specimen to be analyzed. Imagine how thrilled my husband was this morning knowing that once again, he had one job to do and that job was to aim straight into a clear plastic cup with no error. What a task. Typically, this is a two person job in our home. We have done this so many times this past year that we have established a routine. I fill out the paperwork, label the specimen cup,  find a copy of his drivers license and medical insurance card, and then he provides the goods and I drop off the goods. I know, this sounds very romantic. Trust me, nothing is more glorious than driving across town, while it is snowing, with a brown paper bag nestled between my chest and jacket, knowing that I am only doing this to ensure I keep my husband’s semen warm. Glorious I tell you.

Honestly, I have been feeling pretty good since the weekend. Work and school is keeping me preoccupied and I have had the opportunity to talk to a few close friends. I hope to continue to talk about my feelings and experiences more and not internalize everything as I tend to do.

While my intent for this blog is to document our journey through infertility, I am also thinking about writing about the experiences I have in this life, as nothing in this life is a coincidence, at least that is my opinion anyway. We shall see.

Thank you for reading.



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