Our Story

In October 2015, I visited my gynecologist for my yearly exam and to have a discussion about family planning. I expressed my concerns that I was off birth control for a number of years but was unable to get pregnant. Dr. S recommended ovulation predictor kits to monitor ovulation. He scheduled an hysterosalpingogram (HSG) test for January 2016 and for my husband, Steve, to do a semen analysis.

This is when our journey began.

The HSG test indicated that my left fallopian tube was patent, but my right fallopian tube was not. The interventional radiologist assumed that it was most likely a spasm as it is common to have them during the procedure. She was not at the slightest concerned that it would hinder my ability to get pregnant. I was relieved. Around the same week, my husband did his semen analysis and we discovered that he had great sperm counts, but poor sperm motility. He was referred to a urologist right away.

My dear husband has been through so much this past year. He has done a number of semen analyses and he had blood work that indicated testosterone is on the “low end” of normal so he was started on 50 mg clomid every other day. There was no improvement with medication so he had a scrotal ultrasound that found a left sided varicocele in June 2016. He had a varicocelectomy in October 2016.

Semen analysis results one month (September 2016) prior to varicocelectomy:

Sperm Count: 109 million (normal >=15)
Semen Volume: 1.0 ml (normal 2.0-6.0)
Initial Motility: 28% (normal >=50%)
Type 3+: 1% (normal >=25%)
Sperm morphology: 4% (poor prognosis)

Semen analysis results three months (February 2017) after varicocelectomy:

Sperm Count: 148 million
Semen Volume: 1.0 ml (normal 2.0-6.0)
Initial Motility: 42% (normal >=50%)
Type 3+: 18% (normal >=25%)
Sperm morphology: 6.6% (good prognosis)

We were so relieved to see an improvement three months after surgery. Dr. Y discharged us from his services and recommended an infertility specialist in our area. We just had our consult with Dr. G a few days ago and we have a plan in place.

We are one step closer to having our family.



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